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July 9th, 2021

Last day in the Swedish mountains, after a week of chilling and hiking. I wonder if I’d like living here for longer periods of time, or if I’d get cabin fever. I think I’d adjust, but friends and family are far away.

Still learning programming in Rust. Still not 100% sure of what I’m doing when it comes to memory management, but the official guide and Possible Rust” have been of huge help. Rust feels like a very intellectual” language (sooo much language theory has gone into it!), but I’m struck every day of how friendly the documentation and 3rd party writings on the language are. I think a super good way of learning Rust would be to actually pair program with some existing Rust programmer you know, in a non-trivial project. So that you can ask about all the small things you run into, and can be unblocked and learn forever.

I’m going to be on parental leave from October until ~April 2022. Am nervous, but looking forward. Will be a bit weird to be off work for 6 months since I started. But I have zero doubts in that I’ll be able to chill in the new role of being a parent 100% of the time. I’ll miss coding for work though, BUT I guess I’ll need to find myself a sIdE PrOjEct like everybody else?!