Updated on from Stockholm, Sweden.

Since the last update…

  • Bought an apartment with my cool girlfriend. Stockholm is really my home now.
    • Got walls painted and floor done. Currently furnishing it, slowly and steady, while enjoying the ride.
  • Made some redesigns to this site.
  • Went to three Lookback retreats during the year: Palm Springs 🇺🇸, Stockholm 🇸🇪, and Barcelona 🇪🇸. Amazing to spend good time with the brightest people I know.
  • Had a great Swedish summer vacation with girlfriend. As much as I love travelling, I cherished just being home in Sweden during the best summer weeks.

Currently reading

The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells. Important and horrifying.

Habits to keep

  • Keep a private micro journal in iPhone notes. Note down thoughts each day, how dull they might be.
  • Keep off Instagram.
  • Keep going to the gym (it’s good for you!).

Aspirations for 2019

  • Get into the habit of painting.
  • Take swims in our lake during the autumn and winter.

If my life changes, I’ll update this page. Inspired by Derek Sivers.